Penny Stock Pick - AmeraMex International Inc ($AMMX)

This is a stock I’ve had in my portfolio for a while and is one that I’m still going to be holding onto for another long while.

What is the company? Ammeramex International Inc is a combo of 3 sub-organizations, Hamre Equipment,

Here are a few things make this company very promising to me:

  • 2016, and 2017 financial audits are going to be completed and a Form 10 will be submitted to SEC early 2018 - AMMX Press Release. This will allow the company to get closer to getting off of the OTC exchange and move to a better OTCBB exchange if the share price increases past 1 cent. This will give the stock access to more investors.
  • Consistent business, the company has been making profit on a regular basis and is one of the few penny stocks that has a solid business base.
    • Equipment Orders (forklifts, cargo handlers etc)
    • Rental Agreements
    • Maintenance Orders (with the US government and other companies)
  • Future additional revenue stream via Oshkosh Defense, LLC partnership in Nigeria
    AmeraMex CEO Lee Hamre commented, “We are pleased to be representing Oshkosh Defense’s tactical military vehicles. AmeraMex has developed strong relationships with government agencies within Western African countries including Nigeria. We believe offering an inclusive product line of advanced performance tactical military vehicles from a well-known manufacturer of durable and reliable military tactical equipment will expand our potential within Nigeria and other African countries where we have existing relationships.”

More DD to follow.


Investing in Marijuana. The next big sector

Marijuana has been in use in our society for a long, long time. The fact that it has been illegal, hasn’t really stopped the general population from using the substance. There are a few preconceived notions in our society that weed is a gateway drug, or that it is bad for you. Studies have shown otherwise however. I don’t know about you (reader), but thinking back to all the people I’ve known in my life. There are a good amount of people who have tried or used weed in some fashion or another. Edibles, vaping, smoking, you name it. Its pretty commonplace in our society even if you don’t see it as often as other substances such as alcohol. Its anonymity is due to having to procure it from the black market. However, times are changing, weed is being brought into the legal spotlight and for good reason; MONEY. Taxes from alcohol bring in a large amount of money for the government. Weed will do that same or even bring more money with taxes and also help to spur the economy.

With the global market of alcohol having global sales estimated at 1.163 trillion dollars a year (source), marijuana sales have the opportunity to possibly reach a similar level in the future. The possibilities with Marijuana far exceed that of alcohol, with health, research, food, possibilities that alcohol never had access to.

With Marijuana becoming legalized in Canada in and around July 2018, and with all the possibilities, I believe it is going to become the next big sector that if you are able to invest in early enough, will pay off very well in the future. Canada is leading the way with full legalization. The USA has yet (as of this writing) to have federally legalized marijuana and most other countries have only decriminalized or allowed medical marijuana. With Canada becoming legal, Canadian licensed producers (LPs) are going to be at the forefront of the global marijuana market, having had time to invest in infrastructure and partnerships. This places investments in these companies at a forefront with almost positive future growth with leads to more money for investors.

A word of caution however, there are many small companies trying to get on the bandwagon of Marijuana legalization, these companies say amazing things, but having nothing to show for their words. When doing due diligence and research, always ensure companies you are researching can backup their claims with hard proof. Videos, interviews, etc that show hard evidence are what you should be looking for.

Now, here are some of my favorite Canadian weed stocks as of this writing:
(Disclaimer, I’m invested in a good portion of these stocks listed or will be soon)

The Big 3:

$ - Canopy Growth Corp
$ - Aurora Cannabis
$ - Aphira Inc

Smaller companies:

$OGI.VN - Organigram Holdings Inc
$MJN.NV - Cronos Group Inc
$FIRE.VN - The Supreme Cannabis Company Inc
$EMH.VN - Emerald Health Therapeutics
$ATT.CN - Abattis Pharmaceuticals



Check them out:

Anything beyond the big three do come with a bit of a risk, however I believe longterm, most of, if not all licensed producers, will do well once legalization comes to fruition. The demand for products will speak for itself; there won’t be enough weed to go around. Jump on board the investment train before its too late! Pick a few of the largest LPs you can find and invest what you can before the marijuana gains train leaves the station and the price per share is too high to invest.

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Investing, where I started

Coming out of college, I was lucky to land a position working as an Intermediate Software Developer at an SEO company, gShift located in Barrie, Ontario. I worked there for 10 months, before I decided to head to university and extend my education background. The money I made at gShift was pretty great for a recent college grad, and as a result I had a little bit of money set aside. However, I didn’t think the 0.5-1% savings interest from my bank was going to cut it; I wanted to find somewhere I could make my money work for me. Having heard about investing in the stock market on YouTube and from friends in the past, I decided to look into it a bit more. From what I read, it did sound quite scary but that didn’t stop me. There are lots of unknowns in the investment world, and as a new comer, it can be quite overwhelming, but as long as you’re open to learning, it’s a fantastic way to grow your money.

I opened up a Questrade account in 2015, opening both an RRSP and a TFSA. In order to start using these accounts, I had to first send some documents and ID verification to Questrade, and a few weeks later, I had to deposit $1000 into each of the accounts in order to start trading with them. I choose Questrade as my stock broker for a few reasons, first they had some of the lowest commission rates per trade; $4.95 - $9.95 a trade. Secondly, they were well known for their great trading platform and had some solid online reviews. Looking back, I wouldn’t choose any other broker and would still go with Questrade as I’ve had nothing but good experience with the platform.

Initially my first investment I made was in Ascent Solar Technologies ($ASTI), which at the time, was trading on the NASDAQ exchange. I purchased 250 shares at ~1.30 a piece. Not really knowing what I was doing, but having heard the solar industry was taking off. I invested without doing any due diligence or research on the company. A rookie mistake for sure. Flash forward to a few months later, that investment had tanked. The stock price had plummeted so low that the company did a reverse stock split (where they change they share price of their shares by changing the number of shares), that didn’t help as the price continued to drop and the stock ended up getting pushed off the NASDAQ exchange and demoted to the over the counter PINX exchange. At the current date of writing this, the number of shares I own in $ASTI are 30, and worth 0.0009 cents a piece. I didn’t sell these shares as it would cost more to sell them then they are worth. I still have the position in my portfolio as a reminder of my bad investment, but hey, that was a good learning experience.

In future posts, I plan on talking a bit more about the investments I currently have and my view of the stock market.

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Note: Any affiliate links throughout any of my content help provide me with a little bit of income for me to keep my costs down. They cost you nothing :)

Exams and the final judgment

Just finished the end of my exams for my first semester of 4th year, and my my, how stressful that was! No matter the course, final exams always cause me so much worry and stress. The culmination of 12 weeks of classes into one small 2-3 hour test, is kind of nerve wracking and mind boggling to say the least. Especially when specific courses have a final thats worth 35-45% of your final mark.

I find after all my exams are finished, like it is now, it is even more stressful then the few days of studying. Waiting for those final grades to be posted, is brought along with a sense of doom even though I probably did well. Thinking about how the last few months of learning have just ended abruptly and my whole learning experience has culminated in waiting around for judgment.

Ugh, school. I can’t wait to get back into the workforce, where I know the only stress I’ll have to worry about is maybe the stress of an impending deadline.


Wow, you're a University Professor?

Currently its getting to be the end of my first semester of 4th year at TrentU as a Computer Science major, and exams are just around the corner. Even with all the stress and last minute assignment work, something has been bothering me about University, and maybe it is just Trent in particular, but I doubt it is.

There are some great professors here, ones that care about the content they are lecturing about. Those who spend the time to give good feedback, and actually care about their students future prospects. These are the professors that students come to university for, they are experts in their fields and are willing to share their experiences alongside giving fantastic explanations on well thought out content, that THEY have made. Don’t get me wrong, I love these professors.

Now, flash over to the other side of the spectrum, there are many professors (especially those in upper year courses), who don’t care about any of the content they are teaching, they come to lectures with no intent of providing value to students and just read off of slides downloaded from the Internet. They expect you to understand and memorize content that has next to no benefit in the real world and when it comes to assignments, they are just work for the sake of work. These professors have no understanding on what information is actually useful from their course, but come to their own conclusions without having any actual experience with their content. These are the professors that I cannot stand. I don’t understand how the university can hire these professors without properly vetting them and tend to just keep these ‘professors’ around because they have a fancy piece of paper (masters or phd etc).

This is a little bit of a rant.. following a fundamentals of operating systems class where our ‘professor’ decides to talk for 5 minutes and then say that “the class is over. Go home and read the content. Study for the exam. Its been a pleasure ‘teaching’ you….”, and here I am thinking, :hey, this 5 minutes just cost me freaking $150”; considering most classes are $800 or so a semester…

Well, I suppose I’ll just keep on keeping on. Get through my exams and final semester this winter. Afterwards I know I wont have to pay money to learn a mix of non beneficial mumbojumbo. That being said, I am still continuing to code on my own time and explore my own tech interests. So I’m happy to say I’m learning lots during downtime between classes and as a bonus, at least my self learning education is free.


My Background & History in IT

Hey there, my name is Matthew Rowlandson. I have been in the coding and IT space for around 5 years now.

My coding career began in 2012 as a college student at Georgian College in Barrie, Ontario. Living at home at the time, I attended their advanced diploma Computer Programmer Analyst course which consisted of a 3 year course including 3 co-op work-terms. I came to the college having had no coding experience or knowledge about the inner workings of computers. However like most programmers; I played a lot of video games which helped peak my interest in the field of IT.

At Georgian, through various classes, I was exposed to: Python, C, C#, Java,, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, DB2, COBOL and many other coding languages. My first co-op work-term was with the Department of Defense working at Base Borden on their technical support service desk, answering phones, driving around the base fulfilling service tickets. My second and third coop were at One More Story Games, initially as a junior programmer and later becoming the team lead managing 8 other student developers. Georgian really gave me a solid foundation for my programming skills and exposed me to a good variety of coding opportunities. I’m super happy I choose the hands on college route rather then heading directly to university. As a result of my schooling and work term opportunities I deviated towards JavaScript and web application development. Working with AngularJS 1.x and NodeJS alongside MongoDB became my preferred programming stack.

Following Georgian, I acquired a position working as an Intermediate Software Developer at gShift in Barrie. gShift supplies an SEO web based platform for agencies and enterprise level clients to manage their online presence. I worked with both a combination of the MEAN stack as well as Ruby On Rails. Using mostly self taught experience with the MEAN stack to integrate a newly acquired application into the main corporate web app. I worked at gShift for 10 months, learning many new things and working with a fantastic team of programmers. But in the end, I felt like I was missing something, so I decided to go back to School and aiming towards a Computer Science Degree to further extend my education background.

I decided to apply to Trent University due to their fantastic 2 year bridge agreement they have between Georgian College. Basically I was able to enter right into 3rd year by transferring in half the required credits. This leads to taking only a 2 year program and coming out with a 4 year Computer Science degree with honors. As of writing this, I am currently currently finishing up my 1st semester of year 4 and have only one more semester to go before graduating in 2018.

Longterm I hope to continue working on personal projects during my free time and plan on traveling the world while I work remotely. An ambitious plan, but like most digital nomads, it all starts with a dream.

I’m going to be using this blog as a medium where I can talk about programming, my interests and what projects I’m working on. I’m sure the blog will evolve as I go, but I’m looking forward to blogging about my life and experiences.

Thanks for reading!